I am a big fan of music, especially old and metal music. Therefore I thought it would be fun to make a list of some songs that I love and probably will love forever!

  • Enter sandman - Metallica

This song is a real classic and I doubt there is anyone that hasn´t heard it and if there are, you´ve missed out on a really great song. My favorite type of music is old school heavy metal and this song (Metallica in general) is the face of that era of music.

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  • Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Another classic rock song. If someone would ask me to name one song that I NEVER get tired of listening to, Paranoid would be my answer. There´s something about this song that just gets me every time I hear it and that could just mean that it´s a great song!

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  • Holy diver - Dio

This will be the last classic rock song for now i promise but this is actually my favorite song what so ever. No one can deny that Ronald James Padavona (Ronnie James Dio) was a genius with a great and very special voice. I will be forever sad for not getting to see him live.

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  • The house of the rising sun - The Animals

This song is so soft and beautiful, it´s a great combination of sad and cozy music. I like The Animals and their songs in general but this one is just so good in so many ways!

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  • Paint it black - The Rolling Stones

There is not much to say about this song more than that it´s really good. It has a nice rhythm and great lyrics if you really take time to understand them.

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  • Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley

I love Elvis so much and all of his songs are great but this one has really had a special place in my heart ever since I heard it for the first time. I can listen to it over and over and over again and still love it as much.

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  • Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

This is a song that I can´t resist dancing to and everyone that´s ever heard it probably understand why. All Michael Jackson songs gets me in dance mood but this one takes it to another level.

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  • She Loves You - The Beatles

This song is so happy and it brings so much joy, I love listening to these kind of happy songs in the car or when I do my makeup. And it´s The Beatles so it has to be good, right?

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  • Jolene - Dolly Parton

Everyone has heard it, some love it and some hate it. I love it and could listen to it all day long.

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Okay so now that I´ve brought up some of the best songs I know, I feel like I have so many of my loved heavy metal ones left to share with you...so here you have a quick list of some other metal and rock songs that I love:

  • One - Metallica
  • Fade To Black - Metallica
  • Sad but true - Metallica
  • Powerslave - Iron Maiden
  • T.N.T - AC/DC
  • All The Fools Sailed Away - Dio
  • Dream Evil - Dio
  • Night People - Dio
  • Evelyn - Volbeat
  • 16 Dollars - Volbeat
  • Wind Of Change - Scorpions
  • Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
  • Man On The Silver Mountain - Rainbow
  • Mein Herz brennt - Rammstein
  • AMERIKA - Rammstein
  • Square Hammer - Ghost B.C
  • Mummy Dust - Ghost B.C
  • Panzerkampf - Sabaton