hello everyone
l always wanted to have my own blog and i thought that whi is the best app
this is my first article and it's about the books i read in 2017
1- the fault in our stars -john green
i read the book and i liked the details and the characters ; it's a magical book it shows how the end is very near and at the same time it 's so far

book image

2-the house of new beginnings-lucy diamond
if you are dreaming about starting a new life in another country you should read it ; it's about women from different cities and categories starting new lives that's how they met and a whole new chapter of fun ; friendships and love has began


3-the house of birds -morgan McCarthy
it's about an old house full of secrets belongs to a soldier from the second world war and his wife and now it's for a girl called kate . her boyfriend Olivier is going to prepare the house for sell that's when he discovered sophia ; her diary and the history of the house


So these are the books that i recommend for you guys i hope you like it sorry for the bad english
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