Usually, blogs are used for writing book reviews, however, I thought it would be fun to do it here (also, I do not have a blog in eglish) and it's more fun with the ability to use pictures in weheartit.:)
Yesterday, I finished reading Laurent Gounelle's book called God always travels incognito. I did not find, however, the cover in english... So I will give you a small synopsis of the book and my opinion.
The main character is Alan and the book starts with the image of him trying to commit a suicide and the top of the Eiffel tower. However, he meets a stranger there, who offers him a life changing plan with tasks to lose any fears. BUT! The plan has a deal: Alan will have to complete every given task, if not, he will lose his life. And the story continues, with him, day by day completing given assignments. Well, okay... I will reveal one of them. Actually it was the first task. Every day Alan used to go to the bakery's to buy bread and every time the cashier gave him a burnt one and he was too afraid to for another. The task was to go to a bakery, ask for bread and change his mind for about 15 times maybe. As he was very shy person and was afraid to ask something for himself, this was too scary for him. But he managed it. And that's what I liked about this book.
All this time when I was reading this book I was divided into two parts: one thought "oh great, another 'life changing' book" and the part said "this is so familiar to me and at the same time inspiring". I was right - this is something like a change-your-life book, but the author manage to write it differently and interesting. However, I did not like the ending, it was a little bit too dramatic but in overall, I recommend it! :)

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