Hey WHI,

So remember when I said I might write a little poetry here and there? Well I haven't cuz, you know, lack of inspiration. But with my low moods and feelings of severe loneliness, it came out of nowhere one night. Words poured like it never had and its been awhile since I did so. Writing hasn't been apart of me lately like it used to but its coming back to me. Bear with me if I'm rusty or whatever.

Here we go:


lonely, quotes, and text image

Loneliness and I sit idly
Side by side,
Watching other souls talk and mingle
Love and be loved,
As they pass us by.
I wonder what that's like,
To have a companion who's not invisible to the eye
Like me, or the one they go by lonely.
But together,
Loneliness and I,
With outstretched hands,
Try to reach for someone to understand.
But they walk through me,
Like tiny rocks on the ground,
Shoved beneath their feet.
Softly tumbling down the road,
Remaining unheard or unseen.
Who cares about someone like me.

Day after day,
Month after month,
Year after year,
I stare helplessly as loneliness begs on its knees,
For a chance to be seen.
I try to aid her,
But I can't move.
Words trap in my throat,
Wretched in dry air.
My heart bleeds,
Surrendering to a tomb of despair.
It slowly died when my mind realized,
Who was there left to care.

Loneliness and I,
In utter defeat,
Sit alone with secrets lying deep.
Ones no one will ever know or see,
Because no one will reach out to feed me
A love I know could be cherished with ease.
With blurry eyes, we stare at the sky,
She lays on my shoulder,
My only friend, and ally.
I'm sorry, she says, you deserve more.
But you can't unlock the doors,
Of the insecure.
Give them the key, let them in.
How, I asked, when the people mocked me?
For the pain I continuously hold within.
A troubling beginning with certainly no end,
Is something no one can seem to withstand.

Just let them go,
Cut them loose.
For you loneliness,
You're what I'm used to.
Better with you,
Than with one to be used.


Hope that wasn't too depressing, then again that's kinda the point, lol. Was it good? Send me a postcard letting me know or do the usual, drop some hearts this way.

Later lovelies,