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Sabrina Claudio is a young artist who has a lot of talent , I discovered her with a cover of Willow Smith - Female energy and .. I was shocked she has a unique voice and I fell in love with her song "Tell me " .
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I can't say how much I love these boys . My favorites songs of EXO are : - Stronger & Lucky one / album : Lotto . - Ko Ko Bop & The eve / album : The war .
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( I would make a complete article) The NBHD : R.I.P to my youth . The NBHD : Sweather Weather .
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I'm a arianator so .. sorry not sorry . Ariana Grande : Best mistake Ariana Grande : My everything . ( The lyrics of " my everything " is sooo beautiful ) . Ariana grande : Moonlight .
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I love Miley Cirus since I was little . I appreciate her personality and her song specially one song : Adore you .
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THE QUEEN OF JAZZ . I can't say how much I love her voice . Sarah Vaughan : Lullaby of Birdland .

So thank your read my article , I'm so sorry for my english I'm French ..
I really hope you like it .
Bye .