This article is not some poetry stuff. It may sound a bit corny but that's just how I feel.

It's so easy to fall in love,
but so hard to determine if you're in love.
Not shure if you just want to be best friends or if you want more.
Everyone says when you fall in love you think highly about what you say to your crush. It isn't for me. I feel comfortable around him and thats what made me first uncertain and then totally certain. I mean, you want to be around people who make you feel comfortable, safe and where you can be yourself.

Love should be fun.
Love should not be not some kind of sick game.
Love shouldn't be if he never calls, not texts back and you are desperate and thinking why does he not answer.
Of course it is normal to think about him/her. But please don't think it is your fault if he doesn't text back or calls you. Don't be ashamed to tell him you are feeling mistreated in a relationship. Love isn't always easy. You have to work for it.

I know I am gonna regret this article. Sharing my feelings so... open. Maybe it's tomorrow, maybe next month. Future self: Don't be ashamed. Please. I am writing this article and hoping to entertain or even help some of you.
Have a good afternoon!