Day 1: Write an article that´s about YOU. Introduce yourself ♡
I have decided to take a part of the 15 days writing challenge, which I believe was started by Sofie ( @eifos9 ). This is my first article and I have never written anything about myself on a website like this before and I have never really used WHI for anything other than liking photos and procrastination, but recently I have felt an utter need to express myself at a new platform by writing. I enjoy creative writing so very much and I thought that this would be a good practice to get into daily writing! Also I want to point out that my native language is Norwegian, so bare with me if my english is not perfect. If you find any major errors, please do let me know!

Anyway, my name is Andrea and I am a seventeen year old girl from Norway. I was born on the 5th of September, I live with my family and our lil dog called Theo. Here´s a little list of a few things that I love:

book, coffee, and vintage image

early mornings; where I can read a good book or watch a tv series whilst drinking a hot cup of tea.

book, harry potter, and coffee image book image

books; I absolutely love to read books and it has always been something that I´ve enjoyed spending my time on. I love to read a lot of different genres of books; I cannot choose one specific favorite book, because there are just to many good books out there (maybe you want a book recommendation list in the future?). I am in my own little bubble whilst reading and I create my own imagery on what is happening in the books. It is just a magical experience

art, drawing, and painting image Image by shannon

drawing; I create my own little world when I am drawing and I forget everything and everyone around me. I am currently practicing to draw more realistic artwork

airplane, pink, and sunset image friends, summer, and travel image

traveling ✈ ; I LOVE TO TRAVEL. Traveling makes me feel free. I have already been blessed with many trips to various destinations. I plan to travel a lot more after I finish high school, maybe even take a gap year where I travel all around the world and explore every part of it.

flowers and vintage image indie, plants, and flowers image

plants; I have a bajillion plants in my room, they just bring so much life, joy and happiness into my grey and boring room. My favorite plants & flowers are cactuses, roses, lavendel and hydrangea.

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photography; I love taking photographs either with my phone or with a camera. The way we can capture different things by just a click is just mind blowing and so fascinating to me. I have just recently started to take more and more photos and I will possible start charing them with all of you :)

mountains, travel, and nature image photography, nature, and sky image

nature; living in Norway has made me fall in love with every season and every aspect of nature. I love to go hiking and go on walks with my dog. Breathing in the fresh crisp air and hearing the birds sing creates a magical atmosphere that I want to enjoy as much as possible

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Personality wise; I am a very introverted and shy person that need a bit more time before opening up to people. I am often very quite and enjoy my alone time (don´t get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends and family, but just not all the time). I am currently on a journey of self love & acceptance. Social anxiety is one of the major difficulties that I am working towards overcoming (hopefully some of you can relate). Once you get to know me a bit better, I turn into a very talkative and quirky person that loves to for example go to the cinema, shopping, exploring or go on day trips into the city or hiking up a mountain or into the forest.

I could write a lot more, but I don´t want to bore you, so that will have to wait for another time. Let me know any suggestions you have for possible articles that I can write! I hope that you enjoyed reading my VERY FIRST article on WHI (and that it was dreadfully long) and that you are interested in reading more from me in the future.I cannot promise that I will keep up with this challenge every day since I do still attend school and have to prioritize studying. Here is the link if you also want to join the challenge: Kind regards, Andrea♡