One of the coolest commemorative dates is coming up, Halloween that happens on October 31, which is celebrated in different parts of the world in different ways.If you are a teenager and you are struggling trying to find the perfect costume I got you girl! because I decided to make this awesome article to give you ideas to DIY your halloween costumes. Shall we start ?


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I actually really like this one , I put two options one more elaborate and the another one I more easy to DIY , you know?


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Oh ghost, one of the most traditional costume of all time, and not for that we have to forget it !, when all the people is trying to find an original costume they all end up having the same one (Harley Quinn 2016) . Soo, the most original ones end up to be the traditional ones.


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Scooby doo , I love this tv show! grab a friend/your couple and make this cosplay, SHAGGY: you will need a bright green t-shirt, brown pants and (optional) a wig. Scooby doo: a brown sweater/cardigan, brown pants , dog ears and you are ready to go trick or treating


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soo i actually cosplay Alice last year and it was pretty easy to DIY! plus no difficult makeup


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I really like this bff costume and its really cute (or if you want sexy)


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Love this one! it`s so easy and fun to make


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I actually hate clowns, they are just awful, I'm scared of them...😵


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I really like this one but.. you need to be good at makeup!


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I really like this one to make with a friend!


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