1. Trench coats, and sweater's

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Ok so this look will gie you an conservative, modest, and feminine look, and will make you look very smart, and important at glanced at.

2. Sweater,and mid skirt

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Simply conservative modest style

3. Long simple plain dress

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A simple slim modest dress, is very feminine, and clean look to you.

4. Lots of beige

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This outfit/look will give you an modest, an feminine style.

5. All black

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Black trench coats, Black ankle boots, dark sweater, an black jeans/pants. This look will give you an night vibe

6. Blouses, and skirts

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7. Button up shirts, and mid skirt

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8. Cardigan, Blouse and Jeans

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9. All black skinny jeans

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All black skinny jeans high waited with an simple plain white or grey shirt.

10. Overalls

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Overalls with a black or white turtle neck, and could be pair with white button down blouse as well to keep the smart look tbh.

11. Sweater, and wrap skirt

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Sweater, and wrap skirt is very modest, and classy for any day, and it's great for small as well.

Hope this help :)