My Name is Karee. I attend University of Northwestern in Minnesota as a freshman.

I am obsessed with music. I played Clarinet, Alto saxophone, bass Clarinet, guitar, and Ukulele.

I was in Gymnastics for 15 years, track for 6 years, and musicals for 5 years.

I received 4 Minnesota state music awards in choir contest for solo. I did a lot of random activities in high school, from marching band to running the music department for ages two to age five.

Now I'm in college, there are not as many opportunities. I am missing my family and Gymnastics.

Many gymnasts do not continue gymnast after age 18 due to wear and tear on the body and not many adult gymnast programs exist. Gymnastics is not easy. Falling, tumbling, and other tricks are not kind to a body.

I get to start to track in late October for the University of Northwestern.

I would love to get to know you guys.

I have 3 siblings. My brothers are adopted from Ukraine.

I am an oldest child.

I can't wait for tomorrow