I was a sinner. a madman. a man full of deep, red hot guilt but the desire to do so again and again, the cycle never ending. sin after sin. and they were all for her. every single one of them. she made me do the things no man should, without even knowing. she was my sin. the worst one i could ever commit, but yet the most beautiful.

freckled cheeks and bambi doe grey eyes, that looked like the sky on a cloudy day, or the led of a pencil that marks on pieces of paper, all for one masterpiece of her. long, tangled hair and sun-kissed, caramel skin from the sun that shined nowhere near as bright as she did. short, white dresses and mary jane flat, sometimes over-the-knee socks or cute, little girl frilly socks. red, smeared lipstick. bananas and lollipops and apples dipped in caramel. laughter and grins, smirks. fluttering of the lashes, hers long and dark, resting on her blushed cheeks when she sleeps.

my sweet seventeen.