Sooo this is a tough one. I'll just try to write some ideas down, that come on my mind in this moment...


  • learn a new language by yourself, without classes and school. prepare a notebook just for this project and search on the internet or in libraries.
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  • (only if you have drive license, sorry) in summer you should do this, to feel free, realize a bit more who you are, your fears and what makes you happy; jump in the car, alone, bring with you music cds and start drive to the highway, then just go wherever you like, take the roads that you feel right, without destination don't ask anyone where you are if you're lost and when you think you're finished and you want to go home than just turn back. if it gets dark find a b&b or a motel or just sleep in the car... it'd be fun! (things to bring with you in the car: blankets, one/two pillow(s), a book, sweet food, water, chips and suaces, navigator/map (if you get lost), notebook to write your experience, camera, CDs, cozy socks, comfy clothes)
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  • make a plan, a real plan like to fly in another continent and to book some place etc. and realize it as soon as you can
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  • find a job and don't give up after a week if you don't like it, stay strong!!
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Personally I really want to do the second one when I'll get my drive license in nine months... can't wait!!!

thanks for reading, hope you liked the ideas and someone of you harters will follow one of these challenges.