The thing is that no one wants to be alone. I observed whilst we watched the fire crackle the little sparks flying up looking enchanting. Yet when people come close to you. You don’t let them in easily, do you? my companion asked. I’m scared. I stated looking at their yellow orange hued face, confusion laced it. I’m scared that one day people will see me. The person I actually am. Who I hide under the complexity of personalities, emotions with such great care because once the last piece of me has been pulled away I am exposed to the person who has come close. Then, they leave. The thrill is over, those complex layers. The puzzle that was the fun, that was interesting. Once they finish seeing the treasure, they may look at it once maybe twice then lose intrigue. I cleared their doubts. That isn’t true, that is wrong. Was the reply. Tell me did you ever re-break a solved jigsaw puzzle or did you put it in a corner and looked at it maybe once but never again? I retorted, breaking the defensive look. It was silent, I looked back at the flames thinking that I may have won the argument. Then he grabbed my chin making me look into his eyes which were filled with honesty. On one hand you say the person underneath those complexities, who is hidden so well is uninteresting, then on the other hand you say you are a treasure. If I would be allowed to find the treasure that is you, I wouldn’t lose my intrigue. I’d keep you safe with me.