I saw her. After all this long time, I saw her. She was crossing the road with her earphones on. I guess she was listening to that song that she told me so many times to listen but I never did. Something was wrong with her, she was different this time. I was learned to see her with those sparkly eyes and that smiley face but this time I didn't see those elements I loved the most about her.
I don't know where I found this brave but I talked to her after all this time. I just wanted to asked how she was going.
She stopped, took her earphones off and softly said "hello"
Her voice was the same. It was the same melody once I adored. She didn't look me in the eye. Finally I asked her what was wrong
With her voice shaking and her eyes slowly filling with tears she said:
"Time changes us. I tried so much to make you love or even you mine. I loved you as much as I loved myself maybe even more. You were the one I cared, but you never did.I thought you loved me but you never did. I thought love was true but you were the example it was only an illusion. You left me. You left me when I needed you the most.You broke me in little tiny pieces, but in every broken piece was screaming out loud your name. But you never heard.I never stopped loving you but I stopped showing it. I still love you and if I'm gonna see you in the eye you will understand how much I had been acting like I don't care"
That moment I realised I had hurt the only girl I loved in this life.