It takes me about 15-20 minutes to do my every day make-up, which is a simple and natural look.

Here is my make-up routine!

1. Color correcting

face, NYX, and concealor image
I usually use 3 colors: green for the red areas and pimples, orange for dark circles and yellow to high light my nose and eyebrows.

2. Concealer

concealed, cosmetic, and makeup image
After the color correcting I apply concealer.

3. Contour stick

contour, Foundation, and make up image
I only use a little of contour stick, on my cheekbones, I'm still learning to use contour better.

4. Powder Foundation

cosmetic, cosmetics, and tar image
The only type of foundation I normally use is poder, due to my type of skin and its needs. It is actually the first thing I apply but I put in on 4th in this list because I put more poder after all those steps I mentioned before, to blend everything in.

5. High lighter

makeup, highlighter, and beauty image
I'm also trying to improve my high ligh technique, but what I do is high light the tip of my nose and the inner corner of my eyes.

6. Eye liner pencil

eyeliner, makeup, and kylie jenner image
I draw a think line with dark Brown eye liner pencil.

7. Mascara

fashion and makeup image
Of course the look wouldn't be complete without mascara! I use two mascaras, one specifically for the lenght and another one to add volume and a little bit of sparkles.

This is the look i go for on a daily basis. I didn't include eye shadow because honestly I don't use it that much, I only use sometimes nude colors and/or a little bit of a gliterry eyeshadow to sparkle it up. I also didn't mention anything for the eyebrows because my eyebrows are already very nicely shaped and full so I keep them natural, I only high light the bottom line. I also do not usually wear lipstick, the lip products I use are eos and nude lipgloss ocasionally.

I'm looking forward to improving some of my make up technique and trying new products but this is how I currently do my make up.

Thank you for reading.

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)

Note: images are not mine, credits to the owners. the products in the images may not be the exact one I use.