love didn't just "walk" into my boring excuse of a life and turned it bright.

Come on, that's cliche and you know it. Also, it's... depressing.

He didn't fall for me on tinder or met me at a cheap club and hot sex fixed our love forever. What is this? Real life or some badly written fantasy?

No love...
well he sauntered up to me and showed me a side to life, a different perspective which I never thought of and I was starstuck for he, he clicked open my already open mind like he held the sole key to a treasure chest.

He strolled right into my heart as if he owned it and like a vanity case opened his heart to me as if I owned it and I blew glitter onto his face and it was all magical.

Because that's how it is. No matter what the circumstance, it always sounds poetic in our heads even if we've never written a poem our whole lives.

Really, it's all just poetic shit that is love.

Really, it's just you & him/her. That's all that matters.