Change is inevitable. The complete simplicity and absoluteness of that one simple fact still makes it hard for us to accept it with no resistance at all. We know it comes at us everyday, slowly with drawn out footsteps, lurking in the most unexpected corners, charging down at us in broad daylight. We stubbornly refuse anything that tries to redefine our lives for us. We scram and struggle into anything new, given stubborn resistance that we all know will be in vain.
With all that we suffer through to ensure stability and the keep up the illusion of permanence so we may live a life of relative comfort, it’s strange to think of the million differences that separate you from your past self. It’s so hard to keep track of all the strings that had you tethered to your cherished past. Slowly they break away as all the memories of the person you once were fades away to make room for the new you. Theirs is no escaping this fate.