Sitting there by the water, watching the sunset. Looking at how the sun moves closer and closer to the water and how it slowly disappears behind the water. Projecting all these beautiful red, pink and orange colors, reflecting shimmer on the water. Leaving me in darkness after a while. Seeing how stars start to shine one after one on the now dark sky. But you are not there by my side to see this beautiful scenery, to take in this beautiful moment, because I sit there alone by the water.

girl, mountains, and nature image

Watching your favorite show under a blanket in bed. Laughing at all the funny moments and smiling through it all because I know that you would find it just as funny. But you are not here by my side to enjoy the basic things in life like enjoying a funny tv show, because I lay here alone in my bed.

Walking around the river, watching the yellow autumn leaves fall into the water, creating a beautiful layer of colors in the water. Walking past the beautiful big old boat that is placed just by the water. Seeing the little hedgehog run into one of the bushes by the side of the trail. But you are not here by my side to walk this beautiful trail with me, to hold my hand and kiss my forehead. Because I am walking this trail all by myself.

And I will never be able to enjoy all these beautiful moments that life should be worth living for because I am scared, scared of being lonely, scared of never having someone to share these beautiful moments, views and emotions with. Scared to never have someone to walk this trail with, scared to never have someone to look at the sunset with.