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A little bit different today's article because I wanted to do something like this so here we are. Every day I'm thinking and thinking and maybe this is not very good but I can't help it. I'm thinking why to me? All this bad things,bad friendships and bad stuff? Some days I don't want myself, I'm thinking I'm never gonna be enough for someone even on myself and the point of life the most important is to love yourself but sometimes even more than less I can't feel that.

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This quote help me a lot in one of those days.

Whatever you going through it will pass and if it doesn't try at least don't thinking about it, I know it's difficult because neither do I can do that but I try little by little and that is something.

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Every day I'm thinking that nobody can help me or save me but myself and that I believe and that make me to pass every day. I want to make things for myself and only because all this years I was only do things for somebody else and that's not what matters the most. You can and you will do always what you think is the best for you and stop thinking what else is telling you, this is your life and not theirs so only you know what best for you.

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The most important thing is always think and do what you know that makes you happy in the future or even now and not what makes happy someone else. Only you can change what you going through in difficult times.

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That is the most beautiful quote I've ever seen in WHI and believe me there is so beautiful quotes in here but that changes my life when I first read it and I hope to you too.

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That is for someone who thinks that someone else only can make you happy. This is not true, ONLY YOU can do that.
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You are thousand times enough.

This article is something that really happens in my life and I wanted to do that that help if I can some people who actually going through the same situation like me and don't shame for that.

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