YouTube is like hands down my favourite thing ever, the people on there just make me so happy and always make me feel inspired and motivated. So I'm making a list of my favourite youtuber!

Alfie Deyes

Ive watched Alfie for a good amount of years now and hes still my favorite person on youtube. Hes so positive and inspirational in his daily vlogs there my favourite way to start the day. I also love all of his friends and family that he shows in his vlogs.

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Can they get married yet


Zoe goes hand in hand with Alfie (literally) but Zoes videos are so full of life and I love it. Zoe post main sit down, chit chatty videos and some casual vlogs. Zoes personality is very happy and bubbly, she'll put a smile on your face and a festive feel in your bones.

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The Buttercream Gang

I didn't want to write these boys separate as there mostly posting vidoes together anyway. If you don't know who the 'buttercream gang' is it consists of Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Josh Pieters, Conor Maynard, Jack Maynard, Oli White, Micky Pearce.

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The Sidemen

I love the sidemen soooooo much. There another group of boys from the UK, you might of seen them with the YouTube diss tracks bhahah. They consist of 6-7 member (idk if jj still counts lol) the members are Miniminter (Simon), Vikkstar123 (Vik), Wroetoshaw (Harry), Bizinga (Ethan), Zerkka (Josh), Tbjzl (Tobi) and KSI (JJ).

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Bella Fiori

Bella is an Australian Youtuber but she does make up tutorials, review and all that kind of jazz. She also does mystery videos as well where she talks about missing people cases and murders.

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Michael Finch

Michael is another Australian beauty youtuber and yes he is a due. Michael and Bella are indeed friends and I love them both. Michael has a lot of slogans that he likes to say like C YA! or thankqqqqqq, these slogans get big in Australia everyone on social media Is saying these things.

That's about all I have time for, if you guys want me to do another one of these I can I've got a lot more youtubers I could write about, just get this to 45 hearts and ill post another. xx

Keep your smiles up hearters, Beth x