beautiful, vegetation, and country image

Greece... Beautiful, sunny, exotic, remarkable place.
Right from the start, I was impressed by the multitude of plants! 🌱🌿🌴

beach, blue, and holiday image

This exact place is a little piece of heaven. The sound of the sea, the salty air and the chill vibes! 👌
Also, blue is my favourite colour and it was so lovely to see it everywhere! 💙

Sunny image

This picture was taken in Paralia Katerinis. I could not believe how sunny and bright it is in October! 😊

cave, Greece, and church image

If I'm not wrong, this is called "The Holy Church". It was a bit tiring getting there through the forest, but it was definitely worth it.

castle, Greece, and landscape image

We really wanted to visit this castle. Sadly, we hadn't checked the visiting hours in advance. We could climb to it, though. And trust me, once you get up there, you'll be completely amazed by the view.🌅

food, travel, and holiday image

Last, but not least, have I mentioned how kind and warm and polite Greek people are? Everyone I met made me feel like home. They even know words in my native language. 😮

Food related: if you get there, try their yogurt, cheese, pastry and olives! DELISH! Oh, and of course, you can't leave Greece without getting their Gyros that I mispronounced the whole time, apparently. 😂