Aug 29th, 2017

Today I wore a stripped shirt with some shorts coming up to the middle of my thigh. I excitedly ask my older sister what she thought of my outfit I had happily put together, and she said “no” . I was curious as to why. She answers “ your butt is almost showing. Do you want guys to like you, or want something more from you .” I told her “ I want them to know that I’m wearing these shorts for me, not them.” She replied quickly, “ they won’t”.

I want people to know that when a girl wears shorts, she’s not hinting that she wants guys to notice her or think she is asking for “MORE”. I’m wearing these shorts for the reason being I like them and I feel confident and comfortable in them, or at least I did. I was afraid guys would want more from me, or that I would be stared at. So I changed into sweatpants and long tee shirt to cover myself up.

I don’t want to cover up in the 80 degree heat. I want to be completely comfortable in my clothes I choose . Maybe I shouldn’t worry about what my sister thinks, or maybe is not a big deal, but for some ………it’s different.


This is a blog post I wrote for my tumblr awhile ago and I thought I'd share it with all of you. I feel very strongly about women embracing their body and being confident in themselves, and when this happened I was taken back by the fact that someone I know and love didn't understand where I was coming from. I've learned now that the only thing that matters is what I think about my outfit or style, and no one can make me change my mind or my clothes.

♡ If you have made it this far in the article thank you so much for reading what I have taken the time to write for you. I appreciate it very much. I hope you all have a wonderful day.... or night ....... whatever it may be.

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