I watched this kdrama and i loved it!


Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) is the captain of the Special Forces, with his best friend, Sergeant Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo)
One day, Si Yin meets Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). Si Jin and Mo Yeon start dating but because of their jobs, their dates do not end well and end their relationship. Si Jin is ordered to take his soldiers on a peace mission to the country of Uruk, a country torn by war.
Time later, Mo Yeon rejects the sexual advances of the president of the hospital, and he as punishment sends her as leader of the medical team to Uruk. And in that place, Si Jin and Mo Yeon meet again. Will fate give them a second chance?

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Personally, I really liked this series. It has a very good plot. From episode 3 begins to develop more. In Uruk the soldiers and the medical group must live together and both have to work as a team to face various situations of danger.

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The kdrama is really funny and what I liked the most is that it's not the typical romance.
Everyone like love/hate relationships in Korean dramas, but sometimes we need to relax and watch a good drama where, from the first encounter, the feelings of both make fireworks.

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Although they must face obstacles in order to be together, they are not the same as always. Their romance is sweet and tender,
they both struggle to protect each other. And who does not like the way Yoo Si Jin looks at Mo Yeon?

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In addition, it has ACTION, something that I love too much in the series.

The protagonists:

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Yoo Si Jin:

I LOVE IT. He is not only sweet and attentive

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he is one of those guys who want to make you laugh, because they love to see you do it.

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In addition, it is someone who maintains his ideals: "protect elders, children and women,"

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even if doing so risks being punished. It is, the opposite a soldier that we imagined, quite joking and friendly.

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And, please, see him in his soldier costume and sunglasses is the most perfect view.

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Even if this dirty, sweaty and wearing old and bored clothes is a perfect thing to see

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and your face is such a sweet face

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Kang Mo Yeon:

If I had to describe it in one word I would say: Independent.

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Something I enjoy watching in kdramas are the independent and strong characters (not literally strong)

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The protagonist who hopes that a prince "save" her is something old fashioned.

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Mo Yeon has his work, his life, and also his principles: "Struggle to save people's lives",

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and because of this he was able to abandon a dreamed relationship Si Jin, which not many women do. She defends herself, acts bravely and does not fear the superiors. She knows what is her duty as a doctor, and she does it in the best way.

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Dr. Kang Mo Yeon is quite a hero.

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Something that makes you enjoy more of this kdrama is that the main couple are really dating, which makes everything more "real"

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