Hello lovelies!
Welcome to my first article. Fall has arrived and I am one happy pickle. I don't know about you guys but Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons. Mostly because I'm a winter baby. Well here is my fall bucket list for 2017 (hopefully I do everything on this list ahaha)

Have a horror/halloween movie night with my best friend. I LOVE horror movies. Here's a few that are on my "To be watched" list for this season.

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Carve a pumpkin. I have never carved a pumpkin, but two days ago I bought one. So now I'm excited to do this.

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Go to a haunted/corn maze / Haunted house. Some people wouldn't like paying to get scared but heck sign me up.

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Try a pumpkin spice latte. The thought of it sounds weird, but people put so much hype on this drink. Might as well give it a try.

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Lastly, go trick or treating. No matter my age, my highly Halloween spirited self will be going trick or treating yearly. (Last year I actually took my puppy trick or treating.)

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