Here lies 25 Facts About Dakota:

1. My name is Dakota L.A St.Agathe

I also go by DiDi, or D.

2.I am 15 years old.

16 very very very soon. Libra genggg. born on October 20th

3. I am Dominican. (not Dominica republic)

I was born in the island of St.lucia moved to Dominica at a few months old and lived there ever since (until recently because of Hurricane Maria) My dad and my step mom lived in Antigua until 2011 and moved to Trinidad, i visit every single summer for the whole summer. So now I live in Trinidad.

4. I'm 5'1

very short I know I know

6. I dance.
loveeee dance. don't do any specific kind, i just kinda dance whatever. I perform at events, school assemblies and shows. would have loved to start professionally at a younger age but oh well.

7. I don't play any sports or any instruments.

8. I love listening to music, and reading

i could do these things for hours and hours and hours

9. I am right handed

10. I have two younger siblings

a brother who is 13, and a sister who is 9. they are both my half siblings. so basically i have no whole siblings lol

11. I don't have a favorite colour

because it depends on my mood. or just what i like then and there

12. I LOVE food.

especially seafood, and anything chocolate flavoured

13. I don't like purple candy or drinks or grapes

it's just ew.

14. I also don't like peanuts, nuts etc.

especially not in my chocolate

15. I love swimming

just regular floating in the water swimming, n runnning

16. I love playgrounds, theme parks etc.

17. I hate Cooking

18. I love babies.

but I only want one of my own some day

19. I love going out.

could be parties, fetes, adventures, drives (love midnight drives) , walks.

20. I also like my alone time

to reflect mediate, do my own thing away from people

21. I love looking at the stars and moon. sunsets are my fav too.

22. I'm a dog person not a cat person.

but cats are alright

23. I am terrified of spiders.

24. My spirit animal is a koala.

25. I believe in God.

XOXO. Mwah