Hello guys in another article :)
Halloween is just around the corner and what's better than spend it with your bestfriend in matching outfits?!
so, this article is made to give you creative and easy ideas about Halloween costumes! I hope you'll find it helpful and fun 💜


25 Bestfriend Halloween Costumes Ideas:

1- Spooky couple (Bride & Groom)

Halloween and kourtney kardashian image Halloween image

2- Crocs

crocs, funny, and squad image

3- Mermaid Man & Bronicle (Sponge Bob Square Pants)

cartoon, spongebob square pants, and barnacle boy image besties, funny, and girls image

4- Unicorns

unicorn, Halloween, and costume image couple image

5- Angel & Devil

Mature image costumes, Halloween, and ideas image

6- Skeletons

Halloween, makeup, and skeleton image dolan twins, Halloween, and grayson dolan image

7- Cher & Dionne (Clueless)

90's, bff, and Clueless image

8- Sexy Kittens

costumes, ghosts, and Halloween image

9- Grady Twins (The Shining)

bff, Halloween, and spooky image Halloween, teen wolf, and max carver image

10- Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn, bff, and Halloween image

11- Zombies

Halloween, spooky, and zombies image

12- Harley Quinn & The Joker

girl, friends, and Halloween image

13- Mario & Luigi

blonde, brunette, and Halloween image

14- Mermaids

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

15- The Purge

Abusive image bff, Halloween, and spooky image

16- Netflix & Chill

bff, Halloween, and netflix & chill image

17- KISS

Halloween image Halloween, kiss, and friends image

18- Daria & Jane

Daria, Halloween, and jane image

19- Angels

angels, Victoria's Secret, and Halloween image angels, wings, and Halloween image

20- Peanut Butter & Jelly

friendship, friends, and girls image

21- The Powerpuff Girls

Halloween image

22- Hot Buglers

girl, money, and black image

23- Snow Flakes

Halloween and snow flakes image

24- Saw

girl, Halloween, and friends image

25- The Addams

Halloween image