"Maybe the reason we got into all of this is so that I can be stronger when I come out of this mess, so I can forgive myself and stop being so reckless."

So here's the thing, we all have different reasons to move on and forgive people (even ourselves sometimes) cause we have to be honest and accept that we do a lot of stupid things when we are heartbroken, in pain or even a little bit lost of mind; so whatever the reason is, here's a list of things that may help you to piece yourself together.

  • First of all, get out of bed and reinvent your room (and life of course). No more dark curtains to sleep longer, no more 24/7 ice cream sad diet, no more crying. Change the sheets, light up some candles, clean up the floor and bedside table. Start with a fresh space because new is always a good option.
  • Persue a style so you can get to know you and your real likes or dislikes, also is a good distraction.
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Be strong and be patient; life doesn’t get easier, it just gets better honey.
  • Get drunk if you want to, but not every weekend, remember is a little fun but you have to be healthy too.
  • Start to learn new things, a new language, how to cook your favorite dishes, how to bake or even try to do this make up tutorials on youtube. Anything that can help you feel powerful and worthy.
  • Make your Instagram cool, take lots of selfies and find your angles, this will give a lot of confidence.
  • Get that damn tattoo, don’t overthink little things.
  • Shave and dress up for yourself, learn to adore your body.
  • Cry if you feel like it, sometimes we have to let ourselves drain.
  • Make something you love a routine, for example, if you love coffee for breakfast then go every single morning to a different coffee shop or do it on your own and go for a walk while you drink it. Enjoy the little details about yourself.
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  • Study more, being smart will give you a lot of confidence. And it’s also sexy lol.
  • More late night conversations, movie marathons, 3am laughs, cooking dates, the thing is finding beauty in simple things.
  • If there is something you want to talk about, just speak now. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling relieve when you are being understood.
  • Read more and write or draw, feel like an artist.
  • Learn to value company and also loneliness.
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Be a little less reckless, don’t do things just because you aren’t feeling good at the moment. Love yourself, take care of yourself.
  • Last but probably the most important one: Don't ruin yourself, don't let yourself stay with those ugly clothes and sad face. Trust me, a body that looks good will eventually start to feel it too so don't ever let yourself down in appearance because even a cute dress and a sweet smile can make heartbreak looks better.