i melt with you; modern english; 1982
-this is one of my favorite songs right now. its just so chill and so nice. the lyrics are so good as well.

here comes the sun; the beatles; 1969
-such an iconic beatles song. i love this song so much!! i love the original, but theres a cover by dodie that i really love too. its so smooth and relaxing. a true bop.

heaven knows im miserable now; the smiths; 1984
-happy beat, sad lyrics. honestly i listen to this song 24/7 its a bop and i would definitely recommend.

bohemian rhapsody; queen; 1975
-truly just a bop. no explanation, just a bop. im sure everyones heard this song. its just so good to not have on this list.

come as you are; nirvana; 1991
-i used to listen to this song on repeat ngl. its a bop but an edgy bop. still a bop none the less.

no woman no cry; bob marley; 1973
-ANOTHER BOP HONESTLY. a great song. if you've never listened go listen now. please.

surrender; cheap trick; 1978
-Bop. Bop. Bop. Truly. JUST LISTEN

I WANT TO DO A FAV SONGS ATM SOON SO ;)))) stay tuned?? idk aaaa👀