Hello hearters! Sooo basically this is my first article and I wanted to start simple, my favorite tv shows at the moment. Disclaimer: I'm not a English speaker, but I'll try my best... I just want to say what I want to say because that makes me happy... Let's get started!


I'm a huge fan of superheros, I don't know much about comics, but I watch the movies and shows and I really love the stories. I prefer the Marvel's heroes, but I decided to give a chance to DC, since they are getting bigger on TV and movies. So The Flash is my bff's favorite hero, and she made me watch the show with her and I really love it. The effects are amazing, the story is very interesting and also GRANT GUSTIN tho... So, if you haven't watched yet, I definitely recommend and Season 4 is coming really soon... I'm currently on Season 3. You can watch it on Netflix if you are starting now.


This one is a FAVE. I've never heard of the Archie comics before, but the show is a good opportunity to know about the group. The story is really captivating, a small town full of mysteries and the characters are so unique, you will fall in love with some of them at the beginning but at the end you hate them or vice versa. The second season is right around the corner (Oct 11), so if you are looking for a good story, Riverdale won't disappoint. (ALSO COLE SPROUSE IS A BAE, AND #BUGHEAD FOREVER)


Ok guys when I found out that 13RW would become a Netflix show I literally screamed so loud, because it's Selena's favourite book and I was looking forward to see her playing Hannah in a my movie or anything. Well, she doesn't play her, but she produced the show and let me tell you, SHE SLAYED! But about the show, it's a fabulous story, every episode is heartbreaking and the finale is... OMG
Also, the show talks about serious topics like bullying and suicide, and it's important to watch because it's real and it can happen to anybody. After watching, I couldn't think about something else because it makes you think like 'What if this happened to a friend or a relative?' PLEASE IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED, JUST DO IT.


Well Daredevil was the first Netflix show I've ever watched, and he is included on the Defenders, so I put both of them. Since I love Marvel, I heard good things about Daredevil and decided to watch and man... WHAT A MASTERPIECE! Seriously, the show is so dark and so beautiful, it's violent of course but the story is way more attractive than the actual fight scenes (but they are still amazing). And The Defenders... well, I didn't watch the other shows like Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, but after that I'm definitely gonna watch it because they are amazing and I hopefully post about them here. I can't wait for Season 3 of Daredevil cause it's making me insane, and CHARLIE COX is incredible.


And finally... it's my baby ST. What can I say about it? It's just AMAZING. period. The kids are incredible, the story is incredible, I wanna live in Hawkings. But for real, if I could come back to the 80's now, I would do it, because the references to the movies are so beautifully done. It's basically that. Go watch it now, because you will not regret it, and Season 2 is coming and it's gonna be EPIC.

Sooo that's it. Hope you enjoyed my list!