Day 2 of 300

Personally I think that the worst emotion a person can feel is love. I think that love is an emotion that has so much unseen power that it could make you or break you within a matter of seconds if you let. You cant always control the way you love something or someone and that's something that scares the living daylights out of people. Love is an emotion that could be described in many ways depending on your own experience.

Now yes, this is all a matter of opinion and some may think that anger is the worst or humiliation and others would agree that love is the worst emotion. I'll be the first to admit that Im a COMPLETE cliche. I totally believe that love conquers all and more. I believe that the power of love can make you or break you within a blink of an eye.

Did I have a personal experience to where I let love ruin me? Nope, sure havent. Have I personally see love destroy something that I thought was so strong at some point? No, no I havent. But theres just something that you have feelings about and dont need any experience to have that opinion about right?

I completely understand that last sentence didnt make any sense but Im too lazy to change it so just enjoy that!

What emotion do YOU think is the worst emotion a human can feel?

Message me and let me know! (: