autumn, snoopy, and fall image

1) Books

autumn book alice book

2) Movie Nights

celebrity autumn child garden
Let's see movies all night and cuddling together!

3) Hot Chocolate

autumn autumn autumn chocolate

3) Drink Tea

tea, time, and tea time image
It's Time For Tea!
autumn cup indie coffee

4) Cozy Sweaters/Jumpers

autumn blonde adventure cold

5) Fuzzy Socks | Soft Slippers

beauty christmas Superthumb candle

6) Boots and Scarves

boots boots belt jacket

7) Candles

autumn candle
iphone image

8) Cuddling

boy bed adventure bed

9) Bonfires - Fireplace

autumn autumn
book, winter, and christmas image

10) Coziness

autumn, cozy, and fall image

11) Cool Mugs

christmas autumn autumn coffee autumn

12) Orange Color (leaves)

food amsterdam autumn autumn

13) Chestnut & Hazelnut

chestnut autumn autumn autumn

14) Apples

apple apple apple Superthumb
automne, blanket, and nuts image

15) Pies

autumn, fall, and apple image

16) Rainy Days

Superthumb Superthumb

17) Beanies

adventure autumn beanie animal

18) Journal

book Superthumb Superthumb journal

19)Fall Outfit

Superthumb autumn fashion autumn

For more Outfits I'll make another article.

20) Fall MakeUp (dark lips, smocky eyes etc.)

beauty barbara beauty beauty


21) Halloween Makeup

Halloween beauty Superthumb Halloween black
Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image

*My First Article!