If you are like me and get bored really easily then here is a list of things to do when you are bored;

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-#1 Listen to music (go to my other article for suggestions)-
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-#2 Go for a run-
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-#3 Read a book-
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-#4 Take a relaxing Bath-
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-#5 Make a collage (I like using Pic Collage, and have posted some collages here)-
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- #6 Reorganise your room-

-#7 Take a nap-
-#8 Talk on the phone with a friend-

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-#9 Watch Netflix-
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-#10 Bake a cake-
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-#11 Sketch-
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- #12 Meditate-

- #13 Heart articles on WHI ;) -

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- #14 Go shopping with a friend-
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-#15 If you can drive, go for a drive to the country-

-#16 Watch a movie-
-#17 Invite friends over for lunch-
-#18 Catch up on school work-

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-#19 Paint a picture-
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- #20 Go to the beach-
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-#21 Take photographs-

-#22 Read Wattpad-