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Let me explain this the best I can, depression is a silent killer. It infects all your thoughts and consequently it has control over your actions.
It has different stages, the first one: you are walking home or at work and suddenly some activities like talking to someone or walking an extra mile begin to cause you dread but you don’t pay attention because you think it will go away eventually. The second one: you start to notice changes in your body. The production of serotonin decreases and stops making you feel irritable and confused. You refuse to eat. Insomnia comes along, you lose the ability to think logically and properly, lo se the ability to control your emotions and behavior. Experiencing all of this the thought of ending your suffering crosses your mind, it begins like a spark, like something that keeps your mind off the current of thoughts spinning inside of you. You feel disoriented and lost in the void, finishing elementary actions is exhausting. The third and last one, nothing holds any meaning anymore, your body keeps the vital functions but you’re not alive, you are breathing but you’re not living. Indifferent, detached and aggressive; you’re not longer there. Self-harm, repeated suicidal thoughts and memory loss are clear here. At this point you can’t just “get over it” or “take a walk” to feel better, a monthly visit to a psychiatrist and a couple of pills is what’s normal for you now. It will take you a lifetime to recover.

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