Alright, listen.. know it's October! In the future, when I make playlists posts in the future they will be on one of the last days of the month.. but, I have been so sick lately, so you'll all have to bear with me.

This month I have been feeling very... mainstream (eyeroll). I have pretty much loved every song that has been on the radio lately.

justin bieber image bae, singer, and charlie puth image boy, famous, and guitar image Image by frida Harry Styles image Image by C ♡ niall horan and one direction image jack and jack, jack johnson, and jack gilinsky image

1. Despacito-Justin Bieber

2. Friends-Justin Bieber

3. Attention-Charlie Puth

4. Marvin Gaye-Charlie Puth
Ok, So I know this isn't exactly a new or mainstream song right now.. But I still love it.

5. Nothing Holding Me Back-Shawn Mendes

6. Strip That Down-Liam Payne
Let's be real.. this isn't even the best of the 1D boys songs.. but it's still soooo good.

7. Sign Of The Times-Harry Styles
I still love this song, I can't stop.

8. Sweet Creature-Harry Styles

9. Kiwi-Harry Styles

10. Louis Tomlinson-Back To You

11. Niall Horan-Slow Hands

12. Niall Horan-This Town

13. Jack & Jack-Two Cigarettes
If I'm being honest.. I've been trying really hard not to like them (I'm sure we all know why..). But, sigh, I like this song.

What songs are you loving this month? (September.. or October)