Hello everyone!

September has been a great month for rock and roll, and generally for all music I love.
At least I got something to cheer up while facing my first days at University.

Here are the albums I'm currently obsessed with

Villains - Queens of the Stone Age

I'll admit it, I liked this album more than Like Clockwork. It's more enjoyable by everyone because it'll definetely make you want to dance, even if you're not into this particular music genre.

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I think the production was highly taken care of, and there are also very deep moments, not only demons and monsters. The best track is "Fortress", I love the lyrics because I think these words are pure truth.

Your heart is like a fortress
You keep your feelings locked away
Is it easier?
Does it make you feel safe?

Beast Epic - Iron & Wine

I listened to this album just a few times, but then I heard it again in a record shop and it felt really magical. It's very sweet, a perfect indie-folk album if I had to put on some standards. If you need to relax or to wonder through your feelings and thoughts this would be my advice.

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Plus, the artwork on the cover is the best.

Sleep Well Beast - The National

The parallel works of each member of the band employed much of the four years that passed since their last album (Trouble Will Find Me). I love the fact that after more than 20 years together, this band can still evolve and grow up so much.

The singer, Matt Berninger, had much fun with El-Vy (a duo he formed with Brent Knopf), and this CD incorporates their new sonorites with the classic National-style we're accustomed to.

Don't be afraid of electronics and orchestras, guys, this band will always stay true to itself.

It's nobody's fault
No guilty party
We just got nothing
Nothing left to say

The Vietnam War (Original Score)

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (both Nine Inch Nails band members) got together again to create a soundtrack for a 10-episodes documentary on the Vietnam War. The result of the collaboration (the last of a series of highly successfull ones) establishes once again the duo as one of the best composers currently available.

The CD is enjoyable even for those who never saw the series (like me, for instance). Pefect for thought-provoking sessions of meditation or for very stressful situations, such as taking the undergroung at rush hour.

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Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters are back with what they described as a celebration of different rock influences and styles. I appreciate the effort, which makes Concrete and Gold varied and interesting but I'm not sure about the judgement on this one. I want to listen to it some other times just to clear my head.

The news that Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Dave Grohl had lunch together during the making of their albums really made me laugh. They are the perfect couple.

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Gemini - Macklemore

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I love the feeling and the vibe of this album. Macklemore makes my day better every single time, and not just with catchy beats but also with great lyrics. His words speak to my heart, and teach many life lessons.

He's back, he's a good guy and he's still the coolest of 'em all: that's the best thing about Ben Haggerty. Gosh, I really love that good lad.

You should check the video of Glorious, in which we understand that he got his attitude from his granny (who's 100 years old).

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Let me know what are your favourite albums!