Hello there.

Last week I - against my will - became a little bit more of an adult, and a little bit less of a child.

Since I'm in no hurry to grow up, getting older is not something I find that fun.

Although I used my birthday as an excuse for the biggest cheatday ever I was still dissapointed that Peter Pan didn't show up to rescue me. I mean, honestly, I'm running out of time.

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But since I love sunshine and rainbows I am choosing to be positive.

Getting older isn't all bad. Age makes you wiser. Or at least I like to think that. It's my coping mechanism, alright?

19 things I learned at 19.

1. Be yourself even though others might not accept you.

2. Make no apologies for who you are. And don't compromise yourself.

3. Don't eat piles upon piles of chocolate at 12 pm. Trust me. It's a bad idea.

4. Take a moment everyday to say thanks for everything around you.

5. Practice makes perfect.

6. Never forget to bring more socks than you think you'll need while travelling. Socks have a tendency to dissapear. And they take every chance they can get.

7. Listen to your intuition because it's probably right.

8. Be on time. Unless you're a queen because

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9. Say yes more.

10. Trust that good things will come and they will.

11. Don't compare your life to others, everyone walks a different path.

12. Remember to live in the moment.

13. Don't trust that you'll remember it. Write it down. Always.

14. Don't by stuff you don't love to 100%, because you will regret it.

15. Treat yourself.

16. Always wear sunscreen on your face during summer. Just don't forget it. It doesn't end well.

17. Don't put off things you can do in the moment.

18. Stand up for yourself, because nobody else will.

19. Keep your room clean. Spiders don't like clean.

Hopefully you'll learn something from my experiences and misstakes.

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life is breathtakingly beautiful.