We know each other for about a year now and I don't regret anything. You are such a great friend even though I wanted to be more than just friends. I wish everything can go back to how it was in May when you waited for me at my locker or at the schools' bridge and walked to the gate with me, even though you had to walk in the complete opposite direction.

I miss your company and our conversations on the phone and your amazing hugs. I don't see you that often nowadays and even when I see you you don't see me. I miss your smile and the way you always told me how cute I am and we start to argue about who is the cutest.

I don't know if I'm still in love with you or just what we had between us. I miss you so much that it breaks my heart to see you and not talk to you. I wonder if everything will ever be normal between us again and if we will ever talk that much again, but I honestly don't want to lose you.