Self discipline is the ability to force yourself on doing what you HAVE to do, not what you WANT to do or feel like doing. It is actually a very important thing to master in order to succeed in whatever you are doing.

The simplest example of self discipline; for me as a high school student, sometimes I don't feel like doing homework or studying although I know I have to and that I won't be able to get it done any other time than now and it can't be postponed. In a situation like that you have to discipline your self on sitting down on the desk and doing what you got to do, it will feel so hard at the beginning but by the time you get into it and start getting involved in what you're doing, you will feel like finishing the task and getting it done.

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To make it easier, you must remove temptations. If you are attached to your cellphone & it wastes your time, or you feel like it is an obstacle in the way to your dream, goal, or task, then you should remove it in a place away from you while studying or doing the task you should do.

By the time you are done with that task that you didn't feel like doing but you just disciplined yourself, sat down, and got the job done, you will feel great and on the top of the world.

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Training yourself on self discipline is going to help you change bad habits easily, you get used to not postponing any tasks, it makes you feel better about yourself and reduces the stress of having a lot of things to do but not enough time.

To add more fun to the training, you can set a reward for yourself if you succeeded in disciplining yourself. Work hard, do your best, don't postpone and good luck ❤.