Every girl wants to look not only beautiful, but fashionable also. Because of that, we will talk about one of the trendy hairstyles Bun Hairstyles. Of course, Bun Hairstyles is one of the simplest, but at the same time elegant hairstyle for long and middle length hair. This hairstyle is fabulous combination of laconism, convenience and sophistication.Bun Hairstyles are convenient for everyday life, and for festive occasions. It can skillfully fit to every image, no matter the style: casual, business, sport or evening style. It is necessary to choose the right version of bun and if you like, to supplement it with accessory. The universality of this hairstyle is in its versatility. Although, it is important to choose the right option.
For example, the hairstyle with tall bun suits to girls with nice neck and gentle face characteristics. But, the girls with tall growth, as well those who have taller neck, should choose other option, i.e. to set the bun in the back part of the head or on the bottom of the neck. If the girl is with lower growth and with tight shoulders, then the bun shouldn’t be very thick, with volume, because it will look ridiculous. But, neat little hairstyle with look nice. This hairstyle does not require skills, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort and time to make it, it is very easy. Using different techniques, you can try different versions of the bun-from careless to luxurious, and you will discover the right option for you.