So, i'm in a band and i started to write songs some time ago.
Since, when i started, I didn't know how to do that, I searched it on our BFF called the Internet: I didn't find much. That's why I thought 'well why don't share my way?'.

So here i am, hopefully helping somebody, explaining MY WAY of making songs :)

- You have to be inspirated and in the mood: I usually find myself surrounded by nature

- You should buy a little notebook you can always carry in your bag (and a pen), even though i write even on my phone notes

- I usually overthink during the process of writing a song

Now, a song is - as you know - made of 2 or 3 verses (in rhyme), a prechorus (perhaps 1 or 2 sentences) and a chorus. 2 or 3 more rhymed verses, the same prechorus, the same chorus and a bridge (a different part of the song, usually with different chords) and again the chorus.

I usually try not to:
- lose my thoughts/myself in a stream of consciousness, otherwise the lyrics ain't good

- talk about important things opening up, or talk about things everyone experience

- don't think about the chords etc

You adapt your lyrics to the music, so for instance:
If you have a very looong sentence, you should try to make it smaller
Then, you choose:
4 chords for every verse, usually
4 or even 2 for the prechorus
and a different disposition of the 4 chords of the verses for the lovely chorus (and even a different rhythm if you can, i usually ask an another component of my band to do it, and it actually work).

if you like this way, and you have some questions, you can send me anything xx