I really like fall and winter so I decided to make a small to do list because why not. Hope you enjoy.

1. buy scented candles
You need scented candles during fall.

autumn, book, and fall image

2. go to a haunted house
It's nice to go somewhere with friends or family.

aesthetic, creepy, and haunted house image

3. redecorate
New season, new me (jk don't hate)

autumn, decor, and home image

4. carve pumpkins
It's a Halloween thing.

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

5. watch movies
Just relax.

Halloween, fall, and autumn image

6. drink warm drinks
Life's too short to drink crappy coffee

coffee, autumn, and chocolate image

7. go on walks
Nice to get some fresh air.

autumn, fall, and rain image

8. go to a corn maze
Better to go with friends than to go alone.

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9. read books
Get cozy.

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10. Sleep
Not much to say about sleeping.

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