Hi, beautiful people of WHI. For some time I wanted to share with you some of the things I wrote, because Im a big fan of poetry, prose, all kinds of writings and art and sometimes I have inspiration too.That is the first poem I share and there will be more, and not only poems. I hope you like it ! Thats the link of my first article: http://weheartit.com/articles/296874675-what-is-a-real-love and the link of the collection about poetry and prose I have and also the collection with the images I used here, wich is mine too:

Here it is:

My blue - white heaven:
Your touch,
Your hugs.
And they are like an embrace from the sky
And till the count of seven
When I touch your cheeks, they make my heart just melt inside
A never-fading passion
For your dark flower mind
A simple purification, a creation
Of a world with only you and I
But when you're missing
All the cords are cutting and breaking and shattering into pieces and *I've been feeling like storm with both drizzling and hollowing..*
But at the same time
The distance makes my fire ignites me alive....
That's a magic -
How can I find so much freedom in your eyes
It's like they make me wings and I just rise and fly...
Far away
In some promised land
Let's find the cave
In which we met
Take my hand
And in the black, in this non - existing light
We'll kiss forever and ever
For us there will be no end
Cause we're gonna kiss away the black underground night...
To my lover:
I found my paradise far below the heavens
Even if it's in the blood red hell.. We'll both we'll be fallen angels....

aesthetic boy couple