Hi my loves! In this article I wanted to talk about something that I take really serious, not just because I'm a woman myself, it's because I take female's respect really serious, especially after queen B started singing about '' feminism''.

My respects to all the ladies out there slaying everyone that hates them. I think that every woman should show her style and taste in every kind of way she would like. Nobody should give us ''tips'' about how to have selfrespect. If you want to walk with a croptop, then walk with a croptop. If you want to dance on instagram, show your booty, then do it. But you'll have to know that there will always be haters, no matter what you do.

Take my advice, and keep doing you. Don't let other people or social media change the way you are. Don't try to hard for other people to like or notice you. You're pretty the way you are! And I want you to keep it that way.