♥ Hey Everyone, I'm Ayecha ♥
This is just a brief introduction about me and what I actually wish to achieve here on We Heart It.

I am 16 going on 17 in about two months time. I live in Botswana which is a small country situated in Africa. I have lived here all my life and will probably (most likely) die here as well. I am a Muslim. My mum is African and my dad is Asian. Not so amazing, to be honest. You see with me, I find it difficult to adapt to the different cultures in my family, I feel they find it difficult to accept me as I am as well. Who am I? What am I? Do I care? Nope.

You know, I believe acceptance is one of the hardest things to do. A lot of us fail to accept ourselves and I wonder: if you cannot accept yourself, who the fuck will? No one. I understand others much younger going through the same circumstances as me are still fighting their own battles. My advice to them is: You are perfect and if you are not...nobody is. It's that simple. I love myself, I know somebody loves me and so I accept myself as somebody would accept me. This is very important!

On to We Heart It...

If you viewed my canvas, my collections, or my posts...you'd see there's nothing really out of the ordinary about them. Just a few pictures of what I admire, the little gems of beauty I've discovered whilst being on this site for nearly over 5 years (I think). It amazes me how much the world can give to us. It amazes me how you can find something that somebody else or a bunch of somebodies relate to as well, and how the same feeling for something so small can touch a person's heart and soul much similar to your own.

My collections consist of:
♥ things I hope will be helpful to most.
♥ things that inspire me to wake every morning.
♥ things that capture the true beauty of others.
♥ love.
♥ mind.
♥ soul.

I know I've been rambling and all but If you read up till this, thank you so very much for your precious time ♥ And thank you to all who have followed me...be it recently or from the very beginning ♥ Much love to all who have chosen to pick my flowers ♥

"Love yourself or else nobody will." - Jermaine Cole.