Hi everyone,

My name is Mirthe and I've been on Weheartit for some time now. I love to look at all those pictures and images and create my own inpirational board!

I think it's a nice update to be able to also post articles!
It's nice to write things down, I, and probably you too, do it al the time.
I've never really posted anything on here but I was very exited about this challenge so I thought, why not?! So here's my day one writing challenge :)

My name is Mirthe, I'm twenty years old and I live in The Netherlands. I just started college, I will become a primaryschool teacher on a Waldorf Schule (I'm not sure if you know it, maybe I can write an article about it some time)! I really like it so far.

What I like to do is write, I keep a journal since I was eleven. I like to write about my life, what I do and feel. I would like to write on a blog or somewhere other people can read my work. I guess this is step one!
Also writing letters and postcards is what I do. If you like this too, you should check out postcrossing! https://www.postcrossing.com/

Two times a week I'm running with a student group. It's very motivating and fun. Besides running I practise yoga for myself at home.

I'm a vegetarian and don't miss the meat at all!

I like to read, I read in the train to school or just before I go to sleep.

Food and baking is something I really enjoy doing. For some time I was thinking of opening my own tearoom later, but for now I like to go to college.

This atumnbreak I'm going to Antwerp with a friend from highschool. I love to travel and I'm planning to do something epic this summer.

So far for now! Hope you enjoyed reading and have a nice rest of your day:)

Xx Mirthe