Hi hearters,

Today is day 13 of the #WhiChallenge started by @TypicalGirl48. It would be really nice if you all participate in the challenge as well, so @TypicalGirl48 can get more hearters, and yeah.. I think she definitely deserves it. At least take a look at her account :) Anyways, let's get started with my five weaknesses.


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A person who wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible.

I just like things to be done in the best way possible.


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You “force” yourself to do something, otherwise there will be consequences.
This plays quite a big role in my life. If you would like to know more about it; check the link below :)


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A person who is not sure about him- or herself.

I’m not so sure about my looks, and horseback riding skills. I actually think that I’m ugly.. And I know that I’m developing my riding skills, but yeah.. I just really question myself whether I can make my dreams come true. I’m also afraid to say something stupid, which makes me quite silence. I also take things very personal.


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A person who commands everybody.

It’s not that I really command people what they need to do, but I do have my own thoughts about it and I definitely let them know that.

Bottle up emotions

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A person who doesn’t share their feelings and emotions.

I just bottle up my emotions and never share them until it all pops out..

I hope you liked it :) XX