Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year. Not only because of the pretty colours and Halloween (although both of these things are still amazing), but because of all things you can do in autumn. From pie-baking to movie-watching, Autumn is truly one of the best seasons. So, I have made life easier and created an Autumn to do list for you. All of these things are some of my favourite things to do in the Fall, I can't wait to all of these things myself. Enjoy :)

1. Wear a Cozy Sweater:

sweater, autumn, and fall image

2. Carve Pumpkins:

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image
Carve yourself some pumpkins in preparation for Halloween, or maybe just to decorate :)

3. Take An Artsy Picture for your Instagram:

light, girl, and photography image

4. Watch a Fall Movie:

Halloween image
Some great movies to watch are "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Stranger Things." and "Harry Potter".

5. Light a Fall-Scented Candle:

book, candle, and autumn image

6. Bake Something Fall-Themed:

food, fall, and autumn image
Try things like apple or pumpkin pie, cinnamon cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies.

7. Go to a Corn or Hay Maze:

autumn, fall, and corn image

8. Go Apple Picking:

apple, autumn, and fall image

9. Make Smores:

fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

10. Sit in Front of a Cozy Fire:

fire, winter, and cozy image