# 1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

michael jackson, thriller, and mj image

What is Halloween spirit without an Iconic song by the king of pop himself? Thriller is guaranteed to get you in the mood, and also dance. I will admit, this video still gives me goosebumps- especially that ending. shivers. "Cause it's the Thriileeer"- excuse me, dabs eyes with a tissue I miss him so much....

# 2. Haunted by Beyoncé

gif, mrs carter, and haunted image

Gothic Beyoncé snatched all the wigs before giving us life with this dark, high production and beautiful melodic song. An underrated masterpiece ready to be played during Halloween season. Just as the piano starts, you will slowly feel the dark mood fill in the room. I'm not kidding. Truly a masterpiece. Feels non-existent edges slowly , it still hurts from having my wig snatched so hard...

# 3. The Monter by Eminem ft Rihanna

rihanna image
An iconic duo with another iconic song. Though it might not be as spooky as the other ones, the dark theme is definitely there...and maybe the monster under my bed... sweats nervously oh, neptune...

#4. This Halloween by Danny Elfman

jack, sally, and art image

A song from the playlist of Nightmare Before Christmas. Need I say more? This is a must have in your playlist

#5. Demons by Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons image

I will admit I still listen to this one, no matter the seasons, but it just fits the Halloween Spirit

#6. This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson image

If Marilyn Manson himself doesn't get you in the Spooky Halloween feel, then who does?