I do not know how many teenagers are reading books these days, but I really want to share those books that I've read. Honestly, the book for me is a very valuable thing, despite the fact that I'm a sixteen-year-old teenager.

I really like the smell of new pages, wrap myself in a blanket, put a cup of tea or coffee next to me. I'm going to another world, distracted from problems with friends, family, from everything. There is only one problem: I do not want to return to reality.

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"50 days before my suicide" Kramer Stace

Do not be afraid of the name. This book was recommended by my friend three years ago, but I decided to read it only now. If you are a teenager with a bunch of problems and think that your life is terrible, then read this. I think you will not regret it.

Gloria lives in the USA. She is calm and shy. And in her life in an instant so many problems accumulate that the girl loses control and sees only one correct way out in this situation - suicide. The heroine has only 50 days to think about. What will the girl choose: life or death?

"We with expired suitability" Kramer Stace

This book was written by the same author, so if you read her first novel, you definitely want to read the second one.

Gina is 17 years old, and she has everything perfectly - loving family, younger sister, nice guy, she graduates from school as one of the best students and is preparing to enter prestigious Yale University. But at graduation there is a tragedy that will turn her life around, and give a chance to start all over again ...

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"Timeless" Kerstin Gere

The trilogy, consists of three huge books.

Living in London, sixteen-year-old Gwendolyn Shepherd accidentally finds out that he possesses a unique time traveler's gene that he inherited from his great-great-grandmother. Now the girl can be transferred to the past every day, and every day the mystery becomes more and more. What is the "Secret of the Twelve"? Who hunts travelers in time in the past? And why does everyone think that she has some kind of "magic of the crow"?

"Silber" Kerstin Gere

It is a trilogy, so reading will last for a long time.

Since I moved here, strange things have started to happen to me.
Why do I dream about something I could never even hear? And it seems that several people see me with these dreams. Because they know about me what I never mentioned in real life.
In one of the dreams, the four guys with whom I have been going to school from some time on, spend a grim ritual, invoking the demon. Surprisingly, they believe in it not only in a dream! After all, he fulfills their most secret desires ... in reality.
Why did these dreams begin to see me? Does the demon of the night really exist, or is he just a fiction? How are events that happen to me in real life related to what happens in a dream? I really want to solve all these riddles ...

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"In search of Alaska" John Greene

No one but his own parents is interested in the skinny little Tolstoyok Mays Halter in the romantic search for the unknown, but by all means the Great "Maybe" moves to a closed private school where real life begins: cigarettes and wine, the beauty of Alaska and lushly-breasted Lara, reliable friends and never stop annoying enemies where there are new ideas and feelings in the air, where it is terribly hot, but breathing a full chest, where fear is biting the heels - punishment for disobedience to the rules - and the love and thirst for happiness are driven forward ... And with this happiness it is possible touch, but touch only for a moment, after which, having barely fledged, go into adulthood.

"Girl Online" Zoe Sugg

I think many know the famous video blogger Zoella. And I think her book is worth reading for teenagers.

The life of Penny Porter is one continuous "awkward moment". Friends, boys, school, her crazy family, insecurities and panic attacks - she shares all this with her readers in an anonymous blog called "Girl Online." When another embarrassing moment turns her life into a real hell, she flies to New York. And on the eve of Christmas he meets Noah: charming, sincere and kind. Could the girl imagine that Noah also has a secret that will completely change her life ...

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Well, it's time to stop, haha.
I hope you are interested in these books, because they really carry you to another world and you begin to feel like the main character.
To read is really interesting, you just need to find what is closest to you.

Love u, Victoria :3