Day 14. Write some facts about yourself.

Hey everyone! So today I'm writing some facts about me, I hope you'll like it:)

- currently I'm obsessed with Guns N' Roses
- I love punk-rock music, basically I don't usually listen anything else
- I'm 16
- I was grown up in a punk-rock music household, if that exist:D
- my dad goes to concerts with me because we like the same music an he's so much fun! haha:)
- I really love traveling
- last time I was in Spain, in the Canadian Islands and is was just the best!
- I can speak 3 languages, Spanish, English and Hungarian
- I'm from Hungary
- I live in Budapest
- I've been learning to play the guitar since I was 9
- Before that I was learning to play a piano
- my mom does't like my "punk rock" being
- I don't wanna go to collage after high school
- for one year I wanna travel then start going to collage
- I wanna live in LA when I'm older
- if not LA I'll live in Prague cuz that city is the best
- after the "15 days article challenge" I'll do the "30 days music challenge" because I think this is fun
- my Instagram user name is emese_takacsgy so if u wanna then you can follow me:) (I'll follow back)

Basically that's all from me now, se y'all tomorrow, I hope not at last!
Hope u liked it and are having a great day:)